Getting the vaccination

The following groups are vaccinated free of charge at the vaccinations points

  • pregnant people
  • children between the ages of 6 months and 6 years
  • those in risk groups due to an illness
  • the staff of the social welfare, health care, and pharmaceutical services who participate in immediate treatment of care of patients and clients
  • those who are 65 or older
  • those starting obligatory military service and those starting voluntary military service
  • close friends and relatives of people particularly susceptible to severe influenza

Those starting their military service in January 2022 are recommended to get a free influenza vaccine before they start their service. More information (Finnish institute for health and welfare).

Close friends and relatives of people susceptible to severe influenza include people who live in the same apartment or have weekly face-to-face contact with a person who is particularly susceptible to severe influenza. Close friends and relatives also include people who live in the same apartment or have weekly face-to-face contact with a person who is particularly susceptible to severe influenza who cannot be vaccinated against influenza.

Read more about the influenza vaccines for close friends and relatives of people particularly susceptible to severe influenza on the page of the Institute for Health and Welfare (in Finnish)

Read more about influenza vaccine on the page of the Institute for Health and Welfare

How to book and appointment for an influenza vaccination online

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in to Maisa with your online banking codes, mobile certificate, or certificate card.
  3. Open Menu at the top left corner. (in the middle in the Maisa app)
  4. Choose Book Influenza Vaccination.
  5. Choose Seasonal Influenza Vaccination and klick Continue.
  6. Choose Helsinki under To which municipality do you wish to book an appointment? and click Continue.
  7. Choose where you would like to book an appointment: A centralized vaccination site or A maternity and child health clinic and click Continue.
  8. Choose Make appointment.
  9. Choose Centralized vaccination reception Jätkäsaari, Kannelmäki, Malmi or Myllypuro and click Continue.
  10. Choose what date and time works for you.
  11. Verify your contact information. If the information is correct, click This information is correct. You can edit your information by clicking Edit.
  12. Finally click Verify appointment.

You can also book a vaccination appointment at Maisa like this:

  1. Open Menu in the top left corner (in the middle in the Maisa app).
  2. Choose Book Appointment.
  3. Choose Book Influenza Vaccination under ‘Related Links’.

What should I do at the vaccination point?

Because of the current coronavirus situation, we pay extra attention to the safety of customers and staff. It is safe to visit the vaccination points.

Vaccines are only given out by appointment. You must have your own facemask with you when you come to the vaccination point. You must use the mask during the whole visit. Hand sanitiser is provided at the vaccination points. There are staff at the vaccination points to instruct and take care of safety distancing.

You may not come to the vaccination point if you are ill.

NB: Please arrive to the vaccination punctually. There are no separate waiting areas at the vaccination points. Be prepared to que and dress accordingly. Remember to drink enough before the vaccination.

What to do when you get the influenza vaccine

  1. Book a vaccination appointment at Vaccines are given with appointment only.
  2. Appointments can also be booked by calling 09 310 46300 weekdays 8–16. The appointment booking number has a callback service. Please call the appointment booking only once. We will call you back on working days.
  3. Come to the vaccination point on time and make sure to have your ID or KELA card with you.
  4. Use a facemask during the entire visit. Take your own facemask with you.
  5. Take care of good hand hygiene. Hand sanitiser is available at the vaccination point.
  6. Remember to keep to sufficient safety distances.
  7. The nurse calls you in by name when it’s your turn. The vaccination takes a couple of minutes.
  8. Stay in the waiting area for a while after the vaccination. If you feel good after 15 minutes, you may leave.

Vaccinations for other groups

Influenza vaccinations for maternity and child health clinic customers

Pregnant mothers and children aged six months to six years can get their seasonal influenza vaccines when visiting their maternity and child health clinic from October 2021 to February 2022.

Alternatively, clients may make a separate vaccination time via or with the Maisa application. Influenza vaccination appointments can be made in the self-service section of Maisa. Customers can make vaccination appointments in the maternity and child health clinic of their choice.

School pupils

Schoolchildren in risk groups can get the influenza vaccine from either the City’s common vaccination points or through their school health care. Parents can book a vaccination time from the child’s own school nurse.


Students in risk groups will generally receive the vaccine from their own educational institutions from the student health care office by appointment or according to another agreed upon practice. The student health care services of educational institutions will provide their students with more detailed information about their vaccinations.

Seniors and other customers

Helsinki hospital wards, senior centres, service homes and home care will vaccinate their own customers.

Staff of social services, health care or pharmaceutical services

Staff of social services, health care and pharmaceutical services will primarily receive an influenza vaccine through their own occupational health care service.